the story behind the shirt

Hello friends!

I am writing you this blog post so that you can understand why I am raising money to go on a Mission trip to the Middle East. For the past two summers God has given me an awesome opportunity to serve in a Syrian refugee center in the Middle east. God again has presented the opportunity to me and Lord willing I will go again in July.

Every time I go to the Middle East God ends up blessing me more than I could ever bless the people. They are authentic, they truly know what it means to fear the lord, and the local church is passionate about sharing the gospel. Even though much persecution goes on, the church thrives because they rely on the Lord for all things. I have seen some crazy things and can promise you God is working in the Middle East in mighty ways.

I long to go back because I so desperately want to serve the local church that we are partnered with. I want to help them and give them rest since they are always serving. I want God to use me to bring light to the darkness.

The need for hope is evident there. When I was working in the center I had an opportunity to speak with young Syrian women ages ranging from 13-24. We asked the women to share the hardest thing they have been through. With broken faces they all looked at me and said “rape”. I could not believe it. How was it possible that all of these girls underwent my greatest fear. They had no hope, they were tired, worn, in desperate need of joy. I was able to share the gospel with them and present them with a hope that never fails. The women over there face trials daily that I could not even begin to comprehend. I want to go back to so that I can show them the love of Christ and give them a joy that has no end.

Lord willing I will go back but I need your help in many ways. I ask that you would pray that the Holy Spirit would give me boldness and move in me in ways I cannot even imagine. Please pray for the hearts of the people I will be in contact with. If God leads you,
consider supporting by sending me. The trip cost is $1500. It’s an investment and I am trusting God to provide. If you would like to give, simply mail a check to Bay Area Church. In the description line write “UPG Scholarship.” This way you will receive contribution credit. You can drop it by the church office or if you need to mail it send it here:
Bay Area Church
4800 W. Main Street
League City, Tx. 77573
Attention: Indi Tumborang

I will also be selling shirts for $20 to raise money for this trip let me know if you would like to purchase one.
Thanks so much for your prayer and support and for investing in me and some women and children that need the message of hope.


5 thoughts on “the story behind the shirt

  1. Sweet girl, God is with you and so evident in your young life. You are a gift to our girls and they need you, as do our friends across the globe. Go with our blessings and prayers. I will send donation to Indy this week.

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  2. Thanks Hailey, for being so willing to shine Gods light for these women who have seen so much darkness. Praying for those who cannot make such a trip to help support you. Also praying for your continued courage to stand and be the hands and feet of our merciful father and show His love to those who so desparately need it. Would also like to have a T-shirt. Please let me know how to get it!

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