Where Did We Go Wrong?

Where did our country go wrong?

We started asking the politicians what they could do for us instead of asking them how they were going to glorify God.

While I was watching the very entertaining presidential debate I realized that politics revolve around our wants and needs instead of God’s desires for us. This is what I think happened. There was a generation that was selfish which led to destruction. Sin is a reality and so are the consequences that come with it. Families began to break, divorce was accepted, then premarital sex, then abortion, and now homosexual marriage is something our country is prideful about. How did this happen? We the Christians began to embrace sin instead of dying to ourselves daily and fighting the battle of good and evil. I struggle with sin and will always because of the world that we live in however, we the Christ Followers, must follow Christ.

God calls us to carry our cross daily to kill our fleshly desires and live for Him. If you are going to a church to be served instead of to serve you may want to ask yourself why that is. Is it because you think the church is for you or you think that the church is a place to unite and worship? We fail to realize that our purpose in life is to glorify God. If we live to simply glorify God, then we would live in a different world but sadly that is not the case. My generation is reaping consequences of prior generations and the generations after us will probably reap consequences of our sin. So what must we do? How do we find hope in a nation that is crumbling and encapsulated in sin? We pray, we abide, we share the gospel, we repent, we become selfless instead of selfish, we do things intentionally, we show compassion, we serve the Lord.

I would like to challenge everyone reading this blog to pray for our nation and my generation. I believe that my generation can lead future generations to live boldly for Christ. We just need your prayers. Pray for revival, for clarity, for wisdom, and pray for boldness. Lastly, parents, disciple your children. They need you. Give them the hope of Christ that you have, raise them to love the Lord that you love, show them how to be bold, be the example.


5 thoughts on “Where Did We Go Wrong?

  1. Good job Hailey! You are so on it. When will we all realize that ” life is not about me”.
    We were created to bring glory and honor to our creator. I do pray for your generation as I have quite a few grandchildren in there also. What a joy to see them following Christ and making a difference in their circles and to read your blog written so well. This old lady feels there is hope for our country with young people like ya’ll stepping up to the plate. Keep it up!


    1. Thank you, Hailey, I will be praying for your generation & our country & the world. You have been blessed by God with wisdom beyond your age… May God continue to bless you as you diligently serve our Father God, He will guide your path….. Loving you & our mighty God.


  2. Truely well done! You are right about the struggles young people face and the peer pressure. If you aren’t the right size you are outcast and made fun of by those who you thought were friends. But in Christ we are made new and beautiful from the inside out. Its the light within that makes you beautiful. The outside is only temporary. Thanks , Haley for being a voice for those who just hurt and remain silent.


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